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Real Holisitc Medicine

Body, Mind. Spirit. Emotions.

Everything in the body has a shape and that shape defines its function.

Consequently, if the shape changes (from injury or strain), we must get a change in the function of the organs, glands, blood, lymph, nerve flows and muscle power. Injury, pain and illness will then follow.

Improving Your Wellbeing

Here’s an example: an imbalanced sphenoid bone in the centre of the head will have an impact on both hormone levels and pelvic stability leading to a wide range of symptoms and conditions from depression to severe lower back pain.

Typically when this bone is balanced, sciatic pain reduces instantly. People are able to get out of their car or bed whereas 5 minutes before they were in agony and it was impossible to move.


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Real Holistic Medicine - when the cause is known, often recovery is fast

Case Study: Holisitc Therapy Success

Dr. John treated HRH, head of one of the four Buddhist lineages from Tibet. He had been suffering severe sciatic pain for 2 months to the point where he couldn’t even lay on a treatment couch due to the pain.

He had been treated very well and regularly with Ayurveda, TCM, acupuncture, Tibetan medicine and Physiotherapy but to no avail.

Consequently, Dr. John had to treat him on his bed which was awkward and difficult, especially when the pain meant that he had to move every 2 minutes for some relief.

After conducting 2 sessions of 30 and 20 minutes, each releasing his cranial system, neck and spine, the next morning HRH was extatically happy as a result of having 8 hours of sleep for the first time in months with only 1 visit to the toilet and no pain.


Diagnose. Treat. Feel Revitalized.

Real holistic medicine by Dr. John Brazier, for more effective & powerful results
Dr John Brazier: National Wellness Institute, Federation of Holistic Therapists, Acupuncture Society & The British Register of Complementary Practitioners

Finding Balance In Life

Dr. John uses an ‘Ipsi-lateral’ movement test where the arm and leg on the same side of the body are raised to 45 degrees. The client holds this position and the therapist pushes it down to test the resistance:

If its weak on one side of the body, it usually means there’s a Sacroiliac ligament strain leading to hip, knee, ankle and disc problems. Effective and fast recovery of these issues has to start here! 


If both sides of this test fail, this could indicate the Sphenoid bone in the head is misaligned. Just by touching it and re-testing the power, Dr. John can instantly prove the body’s reaction to this touch.

All Blacks Rugby Star Stronger Than Ever

Dennis Smith, an All Black rugby player, although he was an extraordinarily big strong guy he just couldn’t hold his arm and leg in the 45 degree position.

But when he touched the bone in his mouth, he was instantly turned into a powerful, unmovable, statue causing him to erupt into uncontrolled laughter (and profanities!) because he just couldn’t understand where his new power came from!

The tests that Dr. John provides cover all structures and movements because it is beyond comprehension how these imbalanced functions affect us physically and psychologically, but they do in every single moment because when corrected, most clients report an immediate feeling of power and euphoria, lightness in the muscles and a feeling of being taller.

Treating Organ Imbalance

For stronger, faster and more potent healing.

All symptoms, pulse and tongue qualities lead traditional doctors to understand and diagnose organ or system imbalances, then they decide what therapy to apply to help rebalance the system.

Dr. John quickly realised that he wanted to ask more questions – not just accept an organ imbalance but to get underneath it and find out why it wasn’t working correctly – thus ensuring a stronger, faster, more potent healing of the issues.

Fixing organ imbalance can ensure a stronger & faster healing process

The Liver: Your 2nd Biggest Organ

A liver imbalance could lead to various symptoms including insomnia (over thinking) dizziness, eye issues, headaches, joint pains and weakness, constipation & excess acid.

It’s a big organ with lots of flows and processes easily upset by mechanical imbalances in the spine, twisted and tilted pelvis, tissue and fascia strains and diaphragm misalignment.

The aforementioned are easily diagnosed and treated, yet most people will opt for the doctor’s ‘symptom supressing’ drugs instead of feeling the huge relief of natural change, improved sleep with much more power and focus.


De-Stress. De-Tox. Find Balance.

Dr. John Brazier's holistic medicine treats the root cause not the symptoms

Your Kidneys: Overall Fluid Balance

It could be argued that most illness and disease comes from toxicity, toxic foods full of plastic and heavy metals, toxic environments and pollution. Most of this is unavoidable but to cope with this our body’s need a fully functioning detoxification system.

The kidneys being part of that system have a wonderful shape that allows good functioning and blood filtering, this function is supported by the shape and movement of the spine, pelvic alignment, muscles and fascia etc.

Psoas Muscle: The Most Important Muscle In Your Body?

Do you suffer from lower back pain and disc issues? Depression and fatigue? Increased urination, loss of libido or knee problems?  Lose power in this important muscle and you could be vulnerable to any of these.

The power of the Psoas muscle (connecting the lumbar vertebrae to the femur) that keeps our natural lumbar curve and movement is lost if there is a neck injury to C1 and it becomes locked in place.

Correction of this fundamental imbalance is often fairly easy to implement & the physical & psychological improvement are often obvious immediately.

What Our Clients Say About Our Holistic Treatments

Truly Amazing

“Ten cortisone injections & hundreds of treatments didn’t help.

Two treatments with John & I could play. Six treatments & I have never suffered again in five years!! Truly amazing.”

Trish Johnson

25 Times US & European Golf Tour Winner


“Dr. John Brazier – a man with magic hands. 

What he managed to achieve in only 1 session, I didn’t experience in 14 physiotherapy treatments.

Sensational. Thanks John.

Peter Hafner – Restaurant Owner – Germany

Peter Hafner Restaurant Owner Germany - successfully treated by Dr John Brazier

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