Dr John Brazier

Physical Bio-Hacking Expert

World-Renowned Doctor of Complementary & Alternative Medicine

UK – Germany – Switzerland – Singapore – Thailand – Kuwait – USA

Founder of the worldwide health, recovery & performance systems K.O.R.E Therapy & N.M.S. ground-breaking treatment & assessment systems specialising in finding & treating the underlying root cause to many conditions, creating powerful improvements even in the most chronic conditions.

The Health & Recovery Expert

John has worked in all areas of health and recovery for the past 25 years in various countries covering professional sports organisations including Premiership, Bundesliga and national football teams, men’s and ladies European golf tours and with the general public working with all conditions and problems.

John is classed as one of the worlds best Neurologic & Functional medical experts focused on treating the ‘Root’ issues or the ‘Why’ that leads to various conditions, imbalances and symptoms.

Fast, effective and sustainable medicine is based solely on diagnosing this real root cause, then applying the right therapeutic changes to get an instant response from the body (provable through muscle testing!).

John’s unique training in both Oriental medicine and Western Musculo-skeletal medicine enables him to assess and treat the deeper imbalances that can affect all the systems of the body from nerves to organs and the brain.

It can often take just a few minutes to recognise ‘why’ someone is suffering or not performing because there are simple foundational movements and structures in the body that will lead to a wealth of seemingly unconnected symptoms. If these imbalanced structures remain unchanged your symptoms will return no matter what drugs or therapy you are taking!

Immediate Results

“I was referred to John by our club physio. It quickly became very obvious that John had skills I had not experienced before. I could see immediate results.

John has had a dramatic effect on lengthening my playing career along with reducing the stresses & strains of being a manager”

Paul Simpson – Manager of the England FIFA World Cup 2017 winning team

FIFA World Cup

Truly Amazing

“Ten cortisone injections & hundreds of treatments didn’t help.

Two treatments with John & I could play. Six treatments & I have never suffered again in five years!! Truly amazing.”

Trish Johnson – 25 Times US & European Golf Tour Winner

Trish Johnson - 25 times winner of the US & European Golf Tour
Recovery Break Through!: Using muscle testing for accelerated recovery and increased performance - written by Dr John Brazier

Recovery Break Through!

Using muscle testing for accelerated recovery and increased performance.

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“Dr. John Brazier – a man with magic hands. 

What he managed to achieve in only 1 session, I didn’t experience in 14 physiotherapy treatments.

Sensational. Thanks John.

Peter Hafner – Restaurant Owner – Germany

Performance Enhancement & Injury Prevention Expert

John has consistently delivered the fastest most sustainable power increases on apparently fit and healthy professional sports people often shocking them how weak they are in certain movements and functions especially in their chosen sport.

Injuries happen when the body is overwhelmed.

Dr. John’s unique screening procedures can easily detect weakened muscles, ligaments & joints


Once these underlying issues of stability & power are resolved, injuries will recover well & fast.

The powerful & effective KORE Therapy Performance Enhancement, devised by Dr John Brazier

Real Holistic Medicine

This must start with the structure because everything in the body has a shape and that shape defines its function!

Consequently if the shape changes (from injury or strain) we must get a change in the function of the organs, glands, blood, lymph, nerve flows and muscle power. Injury, pain and illness must then follow. For example:

An imbalanced sphenoid bone in the centre of the head will have an impact on both hormone levels and pelvic stability leading to a wide range of symptoms and conditions from depression to severe lower back pain.

Typically when the sphenoid bone is balanced, sciatic pain reduces instantly. People are able to get out of their car or bed where 5 minutes before they were in agony and it was impossible to move.

Real Holistic Medicine - when the cause is known, often recovery is fast
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Consultation, Treatment & Evaluation

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Dr John Brazier (TCM) MSc, founder of the worldwide Health, Recovery & Performance System

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