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Dr. John Brazier (TCM) MSc.

Founder of the Worldwide Health, Recovery & Performance System

K.O.R.E. Worldwide Health, Recovery & Performance System by Dr. John Brazier

Who Is Dr. John?

The skill of a doctor or therapist is surely the discovery of the root cause of injury, sickness or pain and then establishing the best, and more importantly, the correct course of treatment to get you back to feeling great again.

John has dedicated half of his life, 30+ years experience successfully treating mind, body and spirit with real holistic medicine remedies, to providing and delivering immediate and powerful results on sporting athletes, celebrities, corporate clients and individuals, helping them to get back on track and make a fast and powerful recovery.

Dr. John’s outstanding therapy success with chronic conditions, pain & his wealth of clinical, athletic & corporate experience has placed him firmly as one of the world’s go-to leading health practitioners in the world

Recovery Is Often Only 1 Treatment Away

Paul Simpson, Manager of England U20s Winning FIFA World Cup team 2017


Aside from his clinical expertise and glowing testimonials?

It’s his 25+ years clinical experience working in all areas of health and accelerated recovery and the amazing results he’s achieved. It’s also John’s integrated medicine expertise and experience working with:


International health resorts


Chinese hospitals


TCM Professors


Qi Gung masters

And Working Alongside Osteopaths & Physios To Treat:

International & Premier League footballers


Movie stars


Royalty, Lords & Ladies


1000s of different medical ailments & sporting injuries

…To quickly get to the heart or cause of your condition to ensure you receive the correct treatment for the fastest recovery.

Dr John Brazier working with Bayer Leverkusen football team
Dr John Brazier: National Wellness Institute, Federation of Holistic Therapists, Acupuncture Society & The British Register of Complementary Practitioners

Did You Know?


…Dr. John also helps corporate health clients across the world (UK, Germany, Switzerland, SIngapore, Kuwait, Thailand, China & the USA) stop burnout and stress?


…One of the world’s leading health practitioners, recognised award winning training provider, event speaker & health & wellbeing advisor.

Real success and outstanding results treating mind, body & spirit using holistic therapy.

Accelerated Recovery

John’s extensive training includes Masters of Oriental Medicine in China, Japan and Thailand mixed with various Western musculo-skeletal functional medical systems which has created a vast and unique knowledge and understanding of the roots to illness, pain and imbalance.

Using his functional medicine expertise, Dr. John has earned ‘The Magician’ nickname due to his often instant success with ‘unsolvable’ & chronic conditions, in addition to helping over 50 ‘no-hope’ infertile couples achieve their dreams of having a family & saving 100s of clients from unnecessary pain, burnout & fatigue, IBS & digestive issues, insomnia, stress & operations (bones, knees & backs!)

Dr John Brazier successfully treats executive burnout & fatigue

Pain Free

“Within literally a couple of 1 hour sessions, pain that I had lived with for years was all but gone and flexibility that I had forgotten was even possible, quickly re-emerged

David Dredge – Head of AMRO/RBS Investment

David Dredge - Head of AMRO/RBS Investment - pain free following treatment with Dr John Brazier
View John's Education & Professional Accolades
  • Honouree Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Beijing, China)
  • Oriental medicine practitioner (Japan & Thailand)
  • MSc. Oriental Medicine (USA)
  • Traditional Chinese medicine University lecturer
  • Alternative & commentary medicine consultant at the Swiss Prevention Clinic Zurich Switzerland
  • Numerous modern Western complementary medicine systems (UK)
  • Psychological & motivational enhancement
  • Founder of the K.O.R.E. Academy & N.M.S. performance systems
  • Worldwide speaker, educator & motivator
  • Ex-Vice President FHT (UK largest professional therapist association)
  • Wellness Innovation Awards (Germany): Runner up Health & Fitness Award
  • Health & Beauty Training Awards: Overall winner ‘Outstanding Training Provider’ & winner of Best Training Provider Categories: ‘Complementary Therapies’ & ‘Sports, Health & Fitness’
  • 8th Dan Black Belt Martial Arts instructor
  • National Karate Champion 1983-89
View John's Corporate Partnerships
  • IFAA
  • British Armed Forces
  • Peninsula, Four Seasons, Steigenberger & Mercure hotels
  • National & International football teams
  • Bank of America
  • Athletic Associations
  • British Aerospace
  • Lancashire Police & Ambulance services
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • European Golf Tours, Clubs & Professionals
  • Government Councils
  • The Fiat Group
  • Blackburn, Cumbria & Salford University’s
  • FHT (the UK’s largest professional therapist association)

K.O.R.E. Therapy & N.M.S.

The award-winning K.O.R.E. Therapy and N.M.S. system designed and developed by Dr. John Brazier establishes the exact location of the root of most problems to quickly diagnose and treat the underlying causative factors, thus enhancing your recovery and improving your relaxation in life.

K.O.R.E is one of the most successful integrated medicine systems in the World

It uses a unique mixture of Western and Eastern medical diagnostic skills to assess musculo-skeletal balance, free and easy blood flow, correct organ function, energy flow and neurological function, often on the most difficult of patient cases where the usual Physio or Chiropractor treatment has failed.


Recovery Break Through!: Using muscle testing for accelerated recovery and increased performance - written by Dr John Brazier

Recovery Break Through!

Using muscle testing for accelerated recovery and increased performance.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could spark a body into full recovery after years of pain? Discover how in Dr. John Brazier's book...

The Award-Winning K.O.R.E Academy

The award-winning K.O.R.E. Academy provides training, certification, licence and ongoing support to professionals.

Dr. John’s training academy programmes, K.O.R.E Performance (for fitness professionals) and K.O.R.E Therapy (for therapists) enables most spa’s and therapists to offer this relatively easy to master and impactful system to quickly diagnose and treat client’s underlying issues, enhancing their range of available services and treatments.

Dr John Brazier teaching K.O.R.E Therapy

What Our Clients Say About Us…

Increase In Footfall At Spa

“K.O.R.E. has brought a new professional facet to our spa’s across the UK.

We are seeing an excellent increase in footfall of new corporate and leisure clients who would have never chosen to use our spas before, & returning for more!’

Karen Felimond

Director, Mecure Hotel Spa

Amazing Power

“Amazing power, up to 40K more after one treatment!

Every sports person needs this.  Me & my team will be using John for many years to come.”

Sheru Harmit Aangrish

Mr Great Britain, Champion Body Builder

Highly Recommended

“KORE screening fills a vital roll in our injury assessment & recovery practices, ensuring we have an excellent standard of quality here at the club.

I can highly recommend it to any professional physio or organisation.

Neil Dalton BSc. Hons. MCSP SRP DIST

Head Physio, Carlisle Utd FC

Specialist Education & Training:

Dr. John has overseen the qualification of over 1000 trained Doctors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and therapists around the world including China, Thailand, USA and across Europe from his academies and partner programmes.


‘Beyond Wellness’: Providing spas with the ability to focus on condition correction to open up new markets & revenue streams with corporate guests & fitness members


‘Fitness wellness’ – Musculo-Skeletal Screening: Providing Personal trainers & fitness centres with the ability to screen & treat members


Corporate: Educating employees to take control of their own & their families health & life balance, reducing burnout & increasing quality relationships

Dr John Brazier K.O.R.E. Therapy Training Academy
Dr John Brazier presenting a Spa China Award

The Academy For You

Discover How Dr. John Can Help You To:

  • increase your revenue stream
  • enhance your existing skill-set
  • educate your employees on how to improve their lifestyle
  • offer advice and support
  • book a personal consultation

Want to find out more about how Dr John can help you?