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Your Initial Assessment & Individual Teatment Program

Health & Wellbeing Consultation

Focusing on the root cause for an accelerated recovery.

In the initial assessment it’s important to understand your lifestyle, medical issues and your history of injury or imbalance to establish what is feeding the stress, inflammation or problems that are presenting themselves in every day life.

This means assessing the underlying reasons why you may be in pain, not recovering, not losing weight, not getting enough sleep or is getting easily fatiqued.


Dr. John Can Quickly Diagnose & Treat Your Underlying Issues

Dr John Brazier tailors your initial assessment, consultation & treatment program to improve your health & wellbeing

Your Initial Assessment

The diagnostic procedure isn’t the normal Western diagnostic approach to find out ‘what’ you are suffereing from.  It’s actually an attempt to get behind or underneath ‘why‘ you are suffering so that the correct form of treatment can be focused directly at the root cause.

The treatment therefore has a faster and greater impact on the current condition. It also accelerates recovery time and helps to prevent health issues happening in the future. 

Dr John Brazier tailors your initial assessment, consultation & treatment program to improve your health & wellbeing

Health Checks

Dr. John Brazier will quickly and easily help you to establish what’s causing your health issue using diagnostic checks, including:


Muscle testing


Movement & structural assessment


Pulse & tongue evaluation


Organ flow & balance


Food intolerance


Nerve, blood & lymph flow




Pain & inflammation


Meridian flow & function


Spinal fixations & subluxations


Pelvic instability & strain


Joint & ligament imbalance


Cranial assessment

Treatment Program

After the initial assessment, an individual treatment program focusing on the causes and symptoms together is directly implemented.

This means that if you are suffering pain, this needs to be addressed, but the underlying cause (which could be elsewhere in the body) has to be worked on so a full response is achieved from both the therapy and your immune system reaction.

Receive a tailored treatment program created by Dr John Brazier

Wellbeing Techniques


Meridian stimulation


Fascial release




Gentle spinal release techniques


Focused energy medicine


Abdominal massage


Cupping therapy




Cranial balancing


Acupressure stimulation


Meridian stretching


Stress release

What Clients Say About Our Treatments

Simply Incredible

“Diagnosis was explained simply & in a golf specific manner (i.e. my body was working at around 75% or less of its capacity, with limited range of motion & injury resulted tight musculature).

I cannot begin to describe how successful treatment was to increase my range of movement in previously ‘injury damaged’ areas & the general increase in well-being I experienced. It was simply incredible.

When playing golf afterwards, all other previous injury areas felt much better, meaning that I could commit to hitting shots at 100%.

I’m really looking forward to getting my body to perform at 100% of its capacity & reaching my potential in the future with the help of Dr John!”

Ben Giles

Professional Golfer

Healing Touch

“Dr John Brazier’s K.O.R.E. Therapy has proven to give benefit to guests suffering from a range of illnesses from headaches, depression and anxiety, up to structural problems as a result of sport injuries, fatigue, aches and pains on different aetiology.

It is gifted with a healing touch that nobody could imagine would be possible.

Vergel Jay T. Bautista, M.D – Assistant Holistic Health Manager, Chiva-Som International Health Resorts, Thailand


Dr John Brazier K.O.R.E. Therapy Training Academy

Evidence of Change

Post Treatment Evaluation.

The immediate impact from the therapy is evaluated through muscle testing which proves how the K.O.R.E. and N.M.S. techniques have immediately affected your nervous system and how that filters through to other parts of your body as the recovery works through the different body systems.

Muscle testing on all parts of your body is utilised in the evaluation and also the diagnosis as our proof of change from the start to finish of the therapy.


Often, There’s Evidence of Recovery After Only 1 Treatment

K.O.R.E. Therapy consultation & treatment offers clients a powerful recovery after often after only 1 treatment


Post Treatment Assessment and Recovery Advice Included.

Muscle testing evaluation provides immediate understanding of what you should focus on during your day to day life, such as training and diet. It includes advice on what to avoid so as not to undermine your recovery goals or cause further injury and issues.

This post treatment assessment also establishes what treatments could be incorporated in the future and their frequency – daily, weekly or less regularly.  It enables a structure to be planned and a path to follow for a continual recovery in order to help you achieve your goals.


Dr. John’s Treatment & Advice Will Help You, Your Customers & Your Employees Get Back On Track

Receive post-treatment recovery advice & recommendations from Dr John Brazier

Book a consultation or assessment with a world-renowned Dr. of complementary medicine & get back to feeling great, fast.

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